Card Services

The latest chip technology adds an extra layer of security to your card and with features like text alerts*, mobile wallet and debit card management, you’ll have peace of mind and increased protection from fraud.

Debit Card Management

Manage all debit cards issued to you in one place. Forget your card at a restaurant? No problem. Easily toggle your card on or off in real time and control card functionality without disrupting recurring transactions.

Debit Card Management isn’t limited to just personal cards; enjoy all these features for business debit cards as well.

Text Alerts*

Manage your account through customizable text alerts in real time to help you monitor your account’s activity. Get notifications whenever a transaction is approved or denied. Easily manage your text alerts through digital banking. To enroll, simply log into Digital Banking and select “Manage Cards,” from the menu. Then, choose the card you want to establish alerts for and enable.

Mobile Wallet

A convenient and safer way to pay. Mobile Wallet allows you to add your Independence Bank debit card to your mobile device or wearable technology. Pick the app that is compatible with your device, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, to make payments at participating retailers without bringing your physical card. You can even send and receive money electronically directly to and from anyone with person-to-person payments, safely and securely.

To start using Mobile Wallet, follow the setup instructions provided by your mobile device provider.

* Standard text messaging rates may apply.