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Join the revolution anytime, anywhere with online account opening. Choose from a variety of Independence Bank accounts to open online, with the ability to open multiple accounts at one time, no matter where your independence takes you. Simply enter your driver’s license or ID on your mobile device, tablet or desktop. Select the features you want for each account and customize how you want to fund the account.

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Transferring your account to Independence Bank is quick, easy – and usually – delicious! If we can’t transfer your account in 60 seconds or less, lunch is on us!*

Quick Switch is powered by ClickSWITCH – an easy way for customers to quickly and securely switch their current automated payments and direct deposits from their existing financial institution to their new accounts at Independence Bank.

*One restaurant gift card per family. You must be 18 years or older. Not valid for current bank employees or immediate family members.

Independence Bank offers a variety of checking and savings accounts to best suit any banking need.

Are you a current Independence Bank customer? Log into Digital Banking to quickly and easily open a new account. Simply click on View Accounts, then the plus sign. Choose to fund your new account by simply transferring money from an existing account.