Media Center

Welcome to the Independence Bank media center. If you’d like to access and download our media kit, you’ve come to the right place. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our usage requirements and to fill out the media kit form below.

Independence Bank Logo Usage


There are horizontal and vertical versions of the Independence Bank logo. The logo should be chosen based on which version gives the logo the most weight within the context of your layout. The logo with tagline is primarily for banking location usage.


The logo must be no smaller than 1.25″ wide for print or 90 pixels on screen.

Clear Space

Clear space is based upon the letter “I” in the logo.


The Independence Bank logo is best displayed in one color. If not green, the logo should appear as black or white – never gray.


The Independence Bank logo should have a strong contrast on any textured background.

Unacceptable Applications

Never alter the logo artwork in proportion or color. Below are some additional examples of unacceptable logo presentation.

Media Kit Form

To download the media kit, fill out the form below which acknowledges you’ve reviewed and agree to the Independence Bank logo guidelines.

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