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Our products and digital solutions offer you the freedom to customize your banking experience to what suits you best, and the independence to focus on what matters most in your life. Visit our Education and Resource Center to explore the tools meant to support you.

Interactive Tellers

Our interactive tellers are real, live Independence Bank employees here to serve YOU!

ITM Check Deposit

Conveniently deposit up to 50 checks at any of our ITM locations without ever having to leave your vehicle.

Consumer Credit Cards

Our credit cards offer hometown convenience, worldwide acceptance and great benefits.

Mobile Wallet

Add your Independence Bank debit card to your mobile device or wearable technology today and enjoy safer, more convenient spending.

Online Account Opening

Open an account online, anytime, anywhere! Choose from a variety of accounts that suits your needs.

Contactless Cards

Just like contactless payment options through your digital wallet provider or wearable technology, contactless debit cards allow you the liberty to choose how you want to pay, more safely and securely.

Online Mortgage Application

Whether your buying your first home, second home or home away from home, start the process by applying online.

Business Payroll Services

Have the flexibility to setup employees at various levels of approvals, access multiple business payroll all in one place and approve payroll from anywhere!

Business Credit Cards

Whether you are a growing operation or a team of one, enjoy the freedom of having complete control over your business credit cards.

Personal Finance Manager

Combine all of your Independence Bank accounts with external accounts to see a complete snapshot of your finances. Step by Step Instructions

Card On/Off

It’s your card so you’re in charge! Turn your card on or off all within Digital Banking.

Travel Notifications

Assign travel dates and locations within Digital Banking for an added layer of security,

P2P Payments

The freedom to pay back family and friends easily within Digital Banking, even if they don’t Bank with us.

Card Alerts

Track your debit card activity easily with card alerts notifying you each time your card is used.

Receipt Tracking

Maintain proof of purchase without having to keep up with paper receipts.

Online Bill Pay

Set up one-time payments or schedule future payments, perfect for consumers and businesses!

Spending Limits

Increase your debit card spending limit for a special purchase, anytime, anywhere.

Notification Settings

Add an extra layer of fraud protection by setting up notifications on your accounts all within Digital Banking.

Round Up Savings

Round up every debit card purchase to the nearest dollar amount, automatically!

Mobile Check Deposit

Deposit checks directly into your checking account from anywhere, at anytime, using your phone or tablet.

Savings Goals

Set customizable savings goals all within Digital Banking to track and celebrate your progress.

Tax Forms & Statements

Pull year end tax statements and documents for doing your taxes easily all within Digital Banking.

Card Activation

Easily activate your brand new card all within Digital Banking.

Lost/Stolen Card

Turn your debit card on/off if it is ever lost or stolen all within Digital Banking.

E-Statements and Notices

Cut down the clutter and enroll in e-statements and notices!

Interest Statement Forms

Easily pull 1099 tax interest forms to complete your taxes.

External Transfers

Transfer funds between your Independence Bank account and external accounts quickly and securely.

Pin Changes

You have the freedom to update your PIN anytime, anywhere.


A two-factor verification affording you an extra measure of digital protection.