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Even More Independence.

The thing about a revolution is it's always evolving. From the time we began our banking revolution, our top priority at Independence Bank has always been to elevate the quality of life for our customers, communities and employees. That way of thinking has provided us with the opportunity to take our revolution to the next level, and we could not be more excited to share this piece of Independence Bank's history with you as we introduce Project Innovation, a bank-wide initiative coming this fall. As a customer, you'll have access to new technology that will make navigating your finances and transactions faster and more convenient than ever.

What is Project Innovation?

Innovation encompasses a way of thinking, finding not just a new way to do things, but a better and smarter way to do them. Some may call that revolutionary; we sure do.

Project Innovation will give you as a customer access to new technology that will make navigating your finances and transactions faster and more convenient than ever. With advanced products like mobile payment services such as Apple Pay and person to person payments (P2P), you’ll have access to the revolutionary banking services you want at your fingertips 24/7.

Upgrades to current products such as statement enhancements and single sign on between mobile and online banking will enhance your banking experience and freedom to make your financial life easier.

It is important for us to meet you as a customer where you want to be, whether that is online or face-to-face. So with these new features will come the freedom to customize your banking experience to what suits you best.

Chris Reid Chairman & CEO

Why it matters

We are improving our customers', communities' and employees' lives by bringing them revolutionary banking no matter where they go. As we continue to build upon the revolution, it is our priority to remain true to the values that make us who we are; the values that made you choose Independence Bank. As we invest in technology that will allow our employees to better serve you, it is our hope that we will enhance your quality of life by allowing you to get back to the things you enjoy most.

We work hard every day to meet the needs of you as a customer, and we want to continue our focus of meeting the needs of our communities through sponsorships, volunteering and being a resource for those in need. And just as we look to the future in our own business, we want to continue investing in tomorrow's leaders in our markets through our scholarship program, as well as other educational programs and events. Because when we all succeed, our communities are stronger.

Because when we all succeed, our communities are stronger.

Feature Highlights

Mobile and online banking

You'll be able to experience seamless, comprehensive digital banking both online and on your phone – with full functionality on both platforms. Transfer funds between accounts, view your account history, live chat about bill pay and view your statements on your computer or mobile device – with the simplicity of one username and password.

Enhanced statements

We've designed a clean, modern look for your banking statement. User-friendly information – including visual breakdowns of your spending and transaction volume – provides an easy-to-digest snapshot of your bank accounts.

Text alerts

Manage your account through customizable real-time text alerts that help you monitor your account activity.

Debit card management

Manage all your alerts and cards in one place. Easily turn your debit card on or off and control when your card can be used through your Independence Bank mobile app or online banking platform.

Personal Finance Manager

Keep track of all your accounts in one place. Access a snapshot view of your personal finances, set a budget, track your financial goals and more. You can even monitor your spending habits and calculate your net worth.

Receipt Management

Track your spending with a mobile tool that allows you to take a photo of your receipts and attach it to purchases in your account history for easy returns and cataloging. Set up categories and file your transactions and receipts to set budgets for your expenses.

Round Up Savings

Make saving money automatic. Choose to round up your transaction totals to the nearest dollar and deposit the extra change into a savings account to use as an emergency fund, as cash toward your next big purchase or to give to your favorite charity.

External Transfers

Securely move money when and where you want it. You'll have the ability to transfer funds from an external account to your Independence Bank account and vice versa.

Mobile wallet

With Apple Pay and Google Pay, you can leave your wallet at home. Use your phone or wearable technology to make or share payments with practically anyone through person-to-person digital payment capabilities.

Important Dates

  1. Enhanced Feature Details Available

    Customers will receive additional communication on all of our new and enhanced features. It will outline the steps you'll need to take to maximize these upgrades, as well as a more detailed timeline to keep customers informed about important dates.

  2. Receive Important Information

    An informational checklist will be sent to you in the mail in preparation for Project Innovation.

  3. Experience revolutionary banking at the next level

    Try out the new enhanced features that make banking with Independence even easier.

  4. More features and upgrades

    Project Innovation continues with more enhanced features and upgraded technology to give you even more independence in your banking.

Online account opening

Join the revolution anytime, anywhere with online account opening. Open multiple Independence Bank accounts at one time, no matter where your independence takes you.

Online Mortgage Application

Get a jump-start on finding your home by applying for your mortgage online before you come in to see one of our loan officers. Get pre-approved or access our financial calculators to help you prepare for the homebuying process.

Business Banking Features

Spend more time doing what you love with business solutions that reduce your workload while increasing profitability, preventing you from wasting two of your most valuable assets – time and money.

  • Lockbox Services – Simplify the collection and processing of your account receivables with the addition of lockbox services.
  • Payment Processing – Transform your current business bill pay by assigning payment tasks to team members with set entitlement controls. Ensure payments are correct every time by creating a consistent approval process through the new dual-authorization feature.
  • Enhanced Reporting – Create custom transaction reports that are easy to access. Export up to two years of transaction history into a variety of formats.
  • Quicken® and QuickBooks® Connect – Access a fast, reliable integrated platform that allows you to manage all your finances in one place. Keep Quicken and QuickBooks up to date without having to import your history or update your login information.