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Autobooks is a financial software platform that helps small businesses and other organizations manage finances. It’s designed to be part of your everyday banking experience all within our digital banking platform. Get paid, manage cash flow and so much more.

Send invoices
Create and send invoices electronically, including custom details like your company logo.

Accept payments
Accept payments online, in-app, or by invoice, and choose your customers’ preferred payment method.

Track customers
Keep track of customers from within your online banking.

Manage cash flow
Deposit payments directly into your business bank account to keep your cash flow on track.

Automate accounting
Automate accounting tasks to help you manage your business finances more easily.

If you have additional questions about Autobooks please feel free to contact your nearest Independence Bank location.

Independence Bank offers the integrated business invoicing and payment acceptance services of Autobooks through digital banking. The agreement to use Autobooks’ services is between you and Autobooks. You must agree to the Autobooks terms and conditions and you understand that you are contracted for services through Autobooks when you enroll. By providing your contact information, you consent to be contacted by Autobooks. Certain fees and restrictions apply to the use of the service and Independence Bank and its employees may receive fees and incentives from Autobooks based on our customer’s use of Autobooks’ services.

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