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Freedom From Big Bank Tyranny.

Long before the days of government bailouts, Independence Bank sought to create a banking revolution. Shortly after appointing the Bank’s current president in 1991, Independence Bank arrived at a flashpoint in this mission. It was a time when financial multinationals marched through communities annexing smaller banks. Centralized, “big bank” practices became the norm, and what may have been good for those at the top often became oppressive for the everyday customer. But this was not the case at our family-owned, community institution.

For the Community. By the Community.

Ours would be a banking revolution owned by the people – its customers and employees. Taking its name from Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Independence Bank remains unyielding in keeping “community” at the forefront of everything we do.

A Revolution Owned by the People.

Decision making is kept at the local level so customers can get answers from someone in their community, not a faceless number cruncher from the corporate office. And, you won’t encounter just another hourly worker when you walk through our doors. Through our 401(k) ESOP plan, the second-largest shareholder of the Bank is our employees at 18%.

The Revolution is Growing.

Since officially becoming known as Independence Bank in 1997, our Bank family has grown from 22 to over 400 employees and total assets have expanded from $40 million to $2.8 billion. We’re proud that the numbers of those joining the revolution continue to build, and we believe that as the Bank grows, so should the quality of life in the parts of town we serve.

A Revolution Compassionate About People.

Since our early days, we have connected with the community by volunteering our most valuable assets: our people and our time. Today, we also give back financially – and in a big way. In the last year, over $1 million was reinvested through scholarships, school sponsorships, Habitat for Humanity homes, build-a-bed projects, park restoration and customer events and by feeding and meeting the basic needs of those less fortunate.

The Revolution Shows No Signs of Slowing.

We now possess the means to serve the largest and most complex clients in our markets, with expertise as diverse as the communities we serve. We invest in the newest products and technologies so the experience we provide can stand up to, and surpass the big banks. Whether your needs are related to agriculture, manufacturing or service industries, we can accommodate you. Our experience extends to real estate, professional services, health care, sales, shipping, construction and the hospitality industry.

Join the Revolution.

Most central to our mission is doing what’s right and fair for our customers, communities and employees. If this sounds like the kind of revolution you’d like to be a part of, maybe it’s time you joined our revolution.