It might not be easy for many seniors to complete daily tasks like getting groceries. However, senior leaders and ambassadors of Russellville High School and Logan County High School saw the need and decided to step in.

With help from a community partner, Independence Bank in Russellville, the sweep grocery competition allowed the students to choose non-perishable food items. Now this is not only feeding senior citizens. It’s also feeding the character of the current students who will be future leaders.

Stephanie Cole, the location manager at Independence Back shares the value of pouring into those in need.

Cole says, “It’s so very important because there’s a lot of times you don’t realize that there are people in the community, maybe older people that don’t have anybody to come by and check on them, that they don’t have just basic things, just food, you know, to eat.”

These opportunities to display kindness raise awareness for high school seniors about the number of people in need. One high school senior describes how the experience impacts her.

She says, “It’s almost rewarding for my peers and our because we’re able to go out into the community and help the ones that are in need because it kind of gives you a different point of view because we’re able to go out and understand how others are living. It’s like I said, it’s rewarding for us to be able to go out and help them.

The joy on the faces of those who received the groceries is unmatched, and the desire to continue to serve is now instilled in the students. The success of this year’s sweep grocery competition has event leaders excited about next year and what they can continue to offer to local seniors in need.

Originally published News 40
Carlyle Coppins
November 13, 2023