Riney Farms Produce still going strong thanks to fresh products, community support

Riney Farms Produce has had quite the community support over the last four decades, in part due to their commitment to selling fresh and quality produce. Fourth-generation farmer Keith Riney is proud to carry on the legacy of the operation that was started by his great-grandfather and is thankful for the growth and success over the years.

Originally only growing corn, the farm eventually expanded and the family began raising horses and mules. When Riney graduated high school in 1980, he began to sell his excess garden goods for extra income.

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Riney then got married and realized he had a lot of tobacco ground, so he decided to plant a larger garden and give the products away.

“Everybody eats,” Keith Riney said. “Groceries and fresh vegetables are a necessity and people enjoyed mine.”

Riney Farms then began to grow tomatoes for JC Ellis’ vegetable processing plant. Riney would pick some of the tomatoes and take them to the groceries in town, as he said it was a good market that not many others were using.

“We’ve been selling to businesses in Owensboro and Evansville for 34 years,” Riney said.

While that covers their vegetables, Riney farms still have cattle, hay, and beans.

Riney and some other farmers would also pick and haul vegetables down to Tennessee, making a 3-hour drive.

With their produce both plentiful and in demand, Riney Farms started setting up at the Owensboro Regional Farmers’ Market. One of Riney’s daughters had already run a produce stand in Owensboro for a few years at the time, so they already had a small customer base to pull into the market.

Riney said the Farmers’ Market has been a great help in continuing to get their name and product out in the community and helped build their brand of offering quality products.

Now people drive from across Kentucky to get Riney Farms products.

Riney Farms also sells bulk canning tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, and cantaloupe. Customers are also encouraged to drive out to Riney Farms at 9200 KWY 56 to buy fresh vegetables whenever they are not available at the Farmers’ Market.

Originally published in Owensboro Times
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Layne Boarman
August 11, 2023