On Wednesday, high schoolers all over western Kentucky delivered groceries to senior citizens at risk for food insecurity.

Belinda Wright, President of Independence Bank Webster County, told 44News ”this is one of our favorite things we do all year.”

Independence Bank works with the Green River Area Development District (GRADD) and Feed Seniors Now to deliver groceries to senior citizens all over western Kentucky. In Webster County, volunteers made 15 deliveries, and across the region, hundreds of seniors received groceries.

”Prices have soared,” Wright said, “and social security checks haven’t gone up–nothing compared to the cost of food, so they’re really feeling the pinch.”

The food delivered on Wednesday came from the Supermarket Sweep, an event where high school students had 76 seconds to fill shopping carts with groceries. At the end of the time, Independence Bank purchased all the groceries the students had collected.

Maggie White, a senior at Webster County High School, told 44News ”the school counselor asked me if I wanted to go to the Supermarket Sweep, so I was like “of course I would do it.” So now we’re getting ready to go deliver food.”

Some students went to the Supermarket Sweep with a very specific mission. Garrett West, also a senior at Webster County High School, said ”well, mostly I was trying to find where the Fig Newtons were.”

Josh Myers
April 29, 2023