Originally published by the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce
March 21, 2023

Independence Bank’s philosophy focuses on doing what is right and fair for customers, communities and employees. This regional community bank’s charter dates back several decades to 1909. Since then, the footprint has grown — currently spanning 15 Kentucky counties which includes an office in Shelbyville. This team is comprised of hometown people who are reputable and trusted. Recognized as both a Best Place to Work in Kentucky by the Kentucky Chamber and Best Bank in the nation by American Banker, employee expertise encompasses diverse skills as wide as the communities it serves. The most exciting part about a revolution is that it is always evolving.

Independence Bank offers the liberty to make one’s financial life easier, paired with freedom to choose features that are most desired. Upgrades to the organization’s current products and digital solutions allow consumers to customize banking experiences and the independence to focus on what personally matters most.

Investments in innovation will continue to be made. However, the founding principles that help form this financial institution hold true today. Regardless of where the future of banking leads, the current landscape will never replace personalized attention. Products and services only mean so much without a smiling face to greet those who walk through the location doors or a live person to speak with over the phone.

Community banks are deemed an integral dynamic to local infrastructure. Relationship-based banking, local decision making and the support of small businesses are all advantages. By choosing Independence Bank for your financial needs, local cities and counties are helped by being lifted up. Last year, the revolution gave back $1.4 million dollars in charitable giving through scholarships, school sponsorships, park restoration and meeting basic needs.

It all starts with a click, call or come visit today! Located at 65 Mack Walters Road in Shelbyville’s Village Plaza, the team can be reached by phone at (502) 487-5220.

Accounts can also be opened online at 1776bank.com/jointherevolution

Independence Bank. Equal Housing Lender. Member FDIC.