To achieve your dream, the greatest gift, for many is a college education. Unfortunately, for some, it may be beyond reach.

Independence Bank founding partner Charles A. Reid had a vision of generosity. For more than a decade, the Bank has cumulatively provided more than $1.5 million in college scholarships.

Independence bank invites high school seniors to apply for a scholarship program each year that seeks to the be difference in their lives. While grades and extracurricular activities are considered, emphasis is also placed on looking at the whole student. It takes into consideration their financial need and their heart. In doing so, Independence Bank is able to award dollars to recipients who many be overlooked based solely on GPA and class rank.

We are grateful for the partners we have in the colleges and universities here in the Commonwealth that try to ensure that financial burden does not prevent any student from attending a college or trade school.

Since 2018, Independence Bank in Jefferson County has provided over $50,000 in scholarships to deserving students. These students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, races, genders, ethnicities, financial needs, and areas of study. Recipients have been both public and private high school graduates.

If you know a high school senior in need of a helping hand – someone in pursuit of their American Dream – encourage them to apply for the Independence Bank Scholarship Program online at

Independence Bank recognizes that good always surfaces through local students. Good rises to the top. Good goes forward.

Originally published in TOPS Louisville, January 2023