The cold winter months are even more harsh without a warm coat. Considering many local people may be in need of basic items, Morris Family Services President, Nathan Morris holds an annual coat drive in Owensboro to encourage a collection within the community.

“People are genuinely good and they know they are helping people,” Morris shared. “We give them the chance to comfort others and they show up for us every year.”

A tradition spanning two decades, it is the powerful impact from these donations that drives Haley-McGinnis to continue serving its communities through the coat drive. “My grandfather always said to give your time to the people you are passionate about,” Morris recalled.

The gifts increase steadily each year, but the 23rd Annual Coat Drive was overwhelmingly supported as the quad-state tornadoes tore through our communities and our hearts. An impressive 7,426 coats were donated in Daviess County alone— an increase of nearly 2,000 in 2021.

After years of hosting the drive, Haley-McGinnis has spread its radius of drop-off areas to Owensboro’s three Independence Bank locations.

“Not many people want to walk into a funeral home if they can help it, but people walk into banks every day,” Morris explained. With a similar sense of community and strong relationships, an almost decade-long partnership has flourished between the two. While the donation fosters an overwhelming display of support during the winter months, Morris maintains a “never say no” mentality. He admits to the challenge of getting coats out to the community as quickly as they are received, but “we have it down to a science,” Morris says. Coats can be donated to Haley-McGinnis year-round. With the help of employees Kristine and Micah, the coats are taken to Harold’s Cleaners to be distributed among local organizations where individuals in need can shop for a clean and warm coat. “I think people sense the heart behind something,” Morris admitted, “and this drive is pretty special to be quite honest.”

Coats can be donated at any Morris Family Services location throughout the year, or at Independence Bank’s three Owensboro locations during winter months.


Originally published January 31, 2022