Independence Bank awards $185,400 in scholarships to students from our 12-county service area. These scholarships are part of a program that started in 2001 and has grown to encompass over $1 million in funds given to local students. However, the program looked a little different with the absence of our annual reception and changes to the application process this year. Just as schools and other organizations are seeking out alternative ways to celebrate the Class of 2020, we had to think outside of the box to facilitate the 2020 scholarship program.

Typically, students apply online by a given deadline and then finalists are selected. Those students participate in in-person interviews with 16-20 Independence Bank employees and directors depending on what market they are from. Finalists and their families then attend a reception held at Independence Bank in Owensboro to find out what awards they have received. This year, however, phone and FaceTime interviews were conducted instead, still allowing for reviewers to meet and interact with the students, even if it was virtually.


How the Scholarship Program Started:
The Independence Bank Scholarship Program began in 2001 as a dream of the late Charles A. Reid, founding partner and father of current CEO, Chris Reid. Before his death, Charles requested that the scholarship program be built to provide an opportunity for deserving high school students in need to have the opportunity to receive a college education.

The very first scholarship given was in the amount of $10,000. Since then, over $1 million has been awarded to high school seniors to help make their dreams of a college education come true. Applicants are judged based on a submitted essay, high school grades, ACT scores, financial need, extracurricular activities, community involvement and personal interviews. The Independence Bank Scholarship program is comprised of over 50 scholarships that applicants are eligible to receive based on specified criteria; many honoring the founding partners of Independence Bank and their families.

Another unique aspect of the program is the funding of the community board scholarships. While a number of the scholarships are funded through the Independence Bank Foundation, those awarded by the Community Board of Directors in each market the Bank serves are fully funded by the members of the board.

For additional information on our scholarship program please visit our dedicated web page.


The 2020 Independence Bank Scholarship Winners:

Charles A Reid Scholarship – $15,000
The Charles A. Reid Scholarship is the original scholarship that started the Independence Bank program in 2001. It is given in honor of Charles A Reid, former Independence Bank Founder, CEO and President. A finalist is chosen from each market that Independence Bank serves and those finalists each receive $1,000, a $500 Maurice Reisz Scholarship and a $500 Ernie and Martine Davis Scholarship. One overall winner is selected based on an interview process and receives $15,000.

AJ Avery, Webster County High School $16,000

Autum Bailey, Franklin County High School $1,000
Madison Baker, Henderson County High School $1,000
Nadia Barkovska, Portland Christian High School $1,000
Katie Caruthers, McCracken County High School $1,000
Trey Englehardt, McLean County High School $1,000
Braedon McCrae Price, South Warren High School $1,000
Dulce Cortes-Sanches, Mayfield High School $1,000
Landon Dale Harris, Madisonville North Hopkins High School $1,000
Jillian Kruse, Hancock County High School $1,000
Kevin Payne, Owensboro High School $1,000
Mason Thompson, Daviess County High School $1,000
Fatemah Yarali, Murray High School $1,000


Marjorie Reid Scholarship
Marjorie Reid is the wife of the late Charles A. Reid, and was one of the founding partners of Independence Bank. Mrs. Reid awards these scholarships to an employee or a child or grandchild of an Independence Bank employee or director so that the pursuit of higher education is extended to the Independence Bank family.

Drew Hartz, Owensboro Catholic High School, Independence Bank employee, Owensboro – $10,000
Grant Oller, Daviess County High School, son of Nick Oller, Corporate Lending, Owensboro- $10,000
Alex Shultz, Murray High School, son of Heidi Shultz, Calloway County President, Murray- $2,000
Allison Story, Owensboro Catholic High School, daughter of Susanne Story, Community Enrichment Officer, Owensboro – $2,000


Chris and Janet Reid Scholarship
What started as a Christmas gift from the employees of Independence Bank to honor the work that Chris and Janet Reid have done turned into eight total scholarships being awarded to students from their home markets. Due to such an inspiring gesture, Chris and Janet decided to personally contribute as well. Chris currently serves as the CEO and Chairman of the Board for Independence Bank and was President of the Bank for over 25 years, following in the footsteps of his late father, Charles A. Reid. Janet worked for the Bank for over 30 years and retired as the COO. The couple was so honored by what the employees had done in their name that they expanded the funding and chose to award the funds to eight different students in the markets they attended school.

Elysia Bartley, Daviess County High School – $5,000
Cecelia Clemens, Owensboro Catholic High School – $10,000
Katherine Logan, Owensboro Catholic High School – $5,000
Luke Miller, McLean County High School – $5,000
Lily Moore, Owensboro Catholic High School – $5,000
Logan Patterson, McLean County High School – $5,000
Allie Phelps, Daviess County High School – $5,000
Clayton Rhoads, Owensboro High School – $5,000


Agriculture Scholarship – $5,000
Hallie Ellis, Webster County High School


Revolutionary Scholarship – $2,000
Madison Baker, Henderson County High School
Nicholas Belcher, Owensboro High School
Katie Caruthers, McCracken County High School


Community Board Scholarships
The Community Board Scholarships are funded entirely by Independence Bank’s local community boards in each market. Applicants are reviewed by a committee of local employees in each market.

Calloway County Community Board Scholarship
Abby Boike, Calloway County High School – $1,000
Echo Falwell, Murray High School – $1,000
Isaac Smith, Calloway County High School – $1,000

Daviess County Community Board Scholarship
Bethany Mayfield, Owensboro Catholic High School – $3,000
Kevin Payne, Owensboro High School – $3,000
Alayna Petri, Daviess County High School – $2,000
Mason Thompson, Daviess County High School – $2,000

Franklin County Community Board Scholarship
Lauren Walters, Franklin County High School – $1,000

Graves County Community Board Scholarship
Audrey Fralix, Graves Count High School – $1,000
Colin Price, Mayfield High School – $1,000
Dulce Cortes Sanches, Mayfield High School – $1,000

Hancock County Community Board Scholarship
Jillian Kruse, Hancock County High School – $1,000

Henderson County Community Board Scholarship
Gracie Hauke, Owensboro Catholic High School – $2,000

Hopkins County Community Board Scholarship
Kreyton Cunningham, Madisonville North Hopkins High School – $2,200

Jefferson County Community Board Scholarship
Nadia Barkovska, Portland Christian High School – $1,250
Nathaniel Caudill, Trinity High School – $1,250
Makia Doa Nguyen, Sacred Heart Academy – $1,250
Mary Elizabeth Warren, Sacred Heart Academy – $1,250

McCracken County Community Board Scholarship
Katie Caruthers, McCracken County High School – $750
Madeline Kerr, Saint Mary High School – $750
Abigail Kuntz, McCracken County High School – $750
Noah Watson, Alma Mater Academy Home School – $750

McLean County Community Board Scholarship
Isaac Humphrey, McLean County High School – $1,200

Warren County Community Board Scholarship
Alexis Nicole Daniel, Greenwood High School – $500
Caroline Faith Easley, South Warren High School – $500
John William Howard, Warren East High School – $500
Hallie Anna Lindsey, Bowling Green High School – $500
Hsaw Resh, Warren Central High School – $500

Webster County Community Board Scholarship
Hallie Ellis, Webster County High School – $500
Natalie Austin, Webster County High School – $500
Brandon De Garmo, Webster County High School – $500
Jaci Hardison, Webster County High School – $500


Chairman’s Scholarship – $5,000
The recipient of the Chairman’s scholarship is selected from the 13 finalists who interviewed for the Charles A. Reid Scholarship.
Fatemah Yarali, Murray High School – $5,000


Liberty Square Trade School Scholarship
Damian Nole, Henderson County High School – $1,000
Seth Melton, Henderson County High School – $1,000


Revolutionary Square Trade School Scholarship
Clayton Story, Graves County High School -$1,000
Logan Taylor, Mayfield High School – $1,000
Hannah Winfrey, Graves County High School – $1,000


Maurice Reisz Memorial Scholarship – $10,000
Maurice E. Reisz was a co-founder of Independence Bank and served as a Chairman of the Independence Bank board. He was also a local pharmacist in Daviess County. The Maurice E. Reisz Memorial Scholarship was intended for a student pursuing a pharmacy degree. Reisz’ daughter, Gail Reisz Branch, provides this scholarship in honor of her father and his passion.

Alison Kayle Baxley, McLean County High School


Guy Reisz Memorial Scholarship – $10,000
Guy Reisz served as an Independence Bank board of director and this scholarship was intended for a student attending Kentucky Wesleyan College in Owensboro. Guy’s sister, Gail Reisz Branch, provides this scholarship to honor her brother’s love for Kentucky Wesleyan College.

Cole N Richards, Daviess County High School


Derek Hart Memorial Scholarship – $1,000
This scholarship is funded by Danny and Melva Hart of Hickory, KY in memory of their son. The scholarship is awarded to a Graves County student with hopes of returning to the family farm.

Jake Whitford, Graves County High School


Danny Flood Memorial Scholarship
Garrett Seay, Mayfield High School – $500
Kyler Henson, Mayfield High School – $500
Raychel Mathis, Graves County High School – $750
Jake Whitford, Graves County High School – $750


Danny Peyton Memorial Scholarship – $2,000
This scholarship is funded by Independence Bank’s Farm to Fork Dinner in Madisonville and awarded to an FFA student pursuing a degree in agriculture.

Elissa Forbes, Madisonville North Hopkins High School


Lanham Family Business Scholarship- $3,000
This scholarship is funded by John and Wanda Lanham, Tony and Sandy Lanham, and Kenny and Debbie Lanham. The Lanham Family have been blessed to be involved in various businesses for over 35 years, so the scholarship is intended for a student pursuing a business major.

Trey Englehardt, McLean County High School


Ernie and Martine Davis – $3,000
Ernie Davis has been a member of our Board of Directors for 20 years. He is co-owner of Ernie Davis & Sons and serves as the Bank’s building chairman. Ernie wanted to be a part of the Independence Bank Scholarship Program because “Ernie Davis and Sons,” a company which was founded by his parents, wanted to give back to the community that has supported them over the years. The scholarship is in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Davis.

Holly Payne, Daviess County High School


Congratulations to all of the 2020 Independence Bank Scholarship Winners!