Scholarship Application

The application window for the 2021 scholarship program has closed. All applicants will be notified of their status by email on or before March 25th.

Applicants must be a high school senior that lives or attends school in one of the following counties: Calloway, Daviess, Franklin, Graves, Hancock, Henderson, Hopkins, Jefferson, McCracken, McLean, Warren, Webster. Applicants will be judged based on a submitted essay, high school grades, ACT scores, financial need, extracurricular activities, community involvement and personal interviews.

In addition to answering the questions contained in the application, please have the following items available to submit:

  1. Typed Essay not to exceed one page (see questions below)
  2. High School Transcript (can include ACT/SAT score)
  3. ACT/SAT Score (if not included on transcript)
  4. Financial Need Statement: This statement may be written by the student, family member, teacher, counselor, etc. explaining why the scholarship would benefit the student. (No FASFA Forms)

Choose one essay from the following topics and attach a 1 page typed essay:

  1. If you had the opportunity to have a 30 minute conversation with one person (either living or deceased), who would it be? Why? What topics would you discuss with that person?
  2. The year 2020 has been one for the books.  How have you chosen to rise above the challenges presented through non-traditional learning methods as opportunities to pivot your senior year in preparation for furthering your education? 
  3. With a shift to non-traditional instruction most of 2020, what role do you think it has played and will continue to play in the future?  How will it shape future generations? Explain how it has impacted your learning routine, social and emotional well-being? Do you think there will still be a need traditional schooling? How do we maximize the online experience to allow students any opportunity to learn?
  4. “Cancelled” became a prevalent word in everyone’s vocabulary in 2020.  As a high school senior, how have you dealt with many things you looked forward to your senior year being cancelled or postponed robbing you of real life experiences.  In what ways have you realigned your focus in order to succeed and thrive?

If applying for the AG scholarship please include a 1 page typed essay on the following topic:

  1. What are the responsibilities of the farm community to protect the environment ?
  2. How can livestock farmers balance the need to keep animal health while reducing the use of antibiotics in their animals

Application can be started and saved to return at a later date to finish submission. If you have any questions you may contact:

Lauren Patton
Charitable Foundation Manager
Independence Bank