Introducing Real Time Banking

Now, our online and mobile banking services offer you convenient, real-time information for your Independence Bank accounts. With Real Time Banking, you see account transactions almost as fast as you complete them.

Landing Page

See the big picture. Balances reflected within Online Banking will be the most current balance on the account. The balance will update in real time as transactions process in your account.

Real Time Banking Screenshot - Independence Bank

Account History

Track your transactions. View individual checks, ATM withdrawals, debit card purchases and deposits.

Track Your Transactions with Real Time Banking - Independence Bank

Account Transfers

Get moving. Transfer money between accounts and view details on both your transfer and account histories.

Transfer Money Between Accounts with Real Time Banking - Independence Bank

Loan Payments

The check is not in the mail. Make a variety of payments – regular payments, principal-only payments or interest-only payments – on a variety of loans. You can view the payment once the transfer is confirmed.

Make a Variety of Payments on a Variety of Loans with Independence Bank

Loan Advance

Money at your fingertips. Transfer money from your Home Equity Line of Credit or other line of credit loans to your checking or savings accounts.

Money at Your Fingertips with Real Time Banking - Independence Bank