Information for Travelers

Traveling? What you need to know…

Use of your Visa® debit card may be limited when you travel, depending on where you go or the type of transaction you’re trying to make. These restrictions are put into place by Visa, or the card issuer, to prevent fraudulent activity in places and at times when this type of activity is more likely. These restrictions are put into place to safeguard your account, but they can present inconveniences when traveling if you’re not prepared.

What can you do?

  • You can always use your Visa® debit card as a debit – using your PIN to access money at an ATM or through a debit-accepting retailer.
    • You can get cash back at any retailer that accepts Debit transactions in order to avoid any ATM transaction fees.
    • When available, use gas pumps with Debit PIN key option.
  •  Notify the Bank when you will be traveling. Call the Bank anytime and have the Visa-regulated restrictions lifted from your cards for the period in which you will be traveling. Restrictions are put in place to aid in the monitoring of your account for suspicious activity due to theft or loss.
    • Your Visa® debit card may be restricted to swiped or card-not-present transactions (example: online purchase.) If your Visa® debit card does not work, go to the nearest ATM machine and withdraw cash. You may want to increase your ATM withdrawal limits temporarily before you go out of town. If available, run as a debit transaction using your PIN or have the merchant hand-key your card information.
  • When traveling, do not depend on only one method of payment. Take cash or an additional credit card or a debit card linked to another account.

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