Operating Lines of Credit

From off-season expenses to equipment maintenance costs, a farm operating line of credit from Independence Bank is ready to go to work for you. Our operating line of credit, developed specifically for farmers, provides you with the short-term cash you need that will help keep your farm production growing throughout the year.

Finance the day-to-day needs of your operation and take advantage of new opportunities with an AgStar operating loan. Our farm operating loans give you access to cash when you need it and offer the added benefit of tax-deductible interest.

Operating loans offer flexible financing options and multiyear terms; they are ideal when paying for seed, chemicals, fertilizer, utilities, repairs, wages or supplies. Farm operating loans are not typically used for longer-term assets such as land, breeding stock, equipment or new facilities.

In addition, we offer inventory loans in conjunction with operating loans, giving you the power to plan your sale of on-hand inventory around optimal market conditions.

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