Part of Paducah’s Independence Park has now been repurposed to meet a community need.

Neighbor John Park, alongside his three golden mixes, says he has been letting them stretch their legs and play there for about seven years.

“We’ve always enjoyed it,” Park said. “It’s close and convenient.”

Located at the corner of Lone Oak Road and Alben Barkley Drive, the space is divided into two sections. A newly-formed fenced in dog park has been crafted next to the green space which includes a gazebo, benches, picnic tables, irrigation and climbing boulders for children.

“People who come here are very friendly,” Park added. “It’s very nice.”

The park, which is open daily from 8 a.m. until sunset, was not always the intended purpose of the property.

The site was originally meant for the Bank’s two-story signature location. However, in October 2013, there was a change in plans. The Bank decided to donate the land to the city after community members expressed concerns about the area being used for commercial purposes. It is, instead, a transformational community attraction. The Bank location aimed for this area has since been built on Broadway past the park.

“We are thankful to work together with the city as our community members helped mold Independence Park into its purpose today,” Independence Bank President Kevin Kauffeld explained. “Being here for good is our commitment as the Bank continuously looks for ways to better people and places around us.”

The dog park was officially opened on November 5th, 2021 at an event in which the Bank provided food, giveaways, and treats for the precious pets.

The Parks and Recreation Department asks that all dogs be kept on a 3-foot or less leash outside of the dog park section.

And, please, leave no trace. Help us keep Independence Park a beautiful place.