Every year, when September 11th rolls around, employees at Independence Bank can be found hurriedly warming up grills, setting out plates, filling coolers with ice, and pouring drinks. It’s the time that we set aside each year to honor our local first responders with a free picnic lunch at Jefferson Square. This year, though the cookout cannot happen as planned, we wanted to do something that would show the support we feel throughout the year for this group.

It is our way of saying thank you for the fact that first responders leave the comfort and safety of their homes and their families to take care of our community every day.

We have worked with law enforcement, fire department, and EMS leadership to choose three men and women who serve to represent their whole departments: Deputy Steve Croft with the McCracken County Sheriff’s Department, Lt. Sarah McCord with Mercy Regional EMS Advanced EMT and Lt. Matt Meiser with the Paducah Fire Department.

As you read their stories, we hope you will stand with us in honoring the sacrifices these men and women make every day for the benefit of our community. At Independence Bank, we know that no matter what we do to honor this group, it’s never enough for what they do for us.

For their revolutionary work for our community, we offer our sincere thanks, this year and always. – Kevin Kauffeld, McCracken Co President

Independence Bank: Honoring the Revolutionary
Vue Magazine, September 2020
Jamie Sears Rawlings